• Absolutely no eating food, candy, gum or any drink except bottled water.
  • No foul or inappropriate language from anyone.
  • Students must stay seated in their assigned seat, and out of the isle, at all
    times until your bus stop.
  • Do not throw paper or trash on the floor. Spit balls will not be tolerated. Keep the
    bus clean.
  • Do not yell or throw anything out the window, or stick any part of your body out
    the window.
  • No CD players, walkmans, radios, game machines, MP3 players, ETC.
  • Use indoor voices, No yelling or screaming.
  • Follow all school rules on the bus.
  • No negative physical contact.  Fighting will not be tolerated! May result in an
    immediate suspension.


  • Use appropriate language if you need to discuss concerns with the drivers.
  • NO SMOKING near the bus!
  • Do not step onto the bus at any time unless for a field trip with a teacher
  • Be at the bus stop 10 min. early for pick up and drop off.
  • NEVER approach another person’s child! Report issues to the driver or
    transportation director.
  • If any problems should arise, Please notify the driver or the transportation office.
  • Please know your child’s bus number, route number and drivers name.