About Us


Our commitment is to give children an excellent educational foundation. Our mission is to provide a learning environment that will improve student achievement. We strive to have students experience daily growth and academic success. We know that offering the highest level of service to parents and students is vital to our mission.


Burke Basic School was named in honor of my grandmother, Mary Ann Burke. She was devoted to her children, Ernest Gaddie and Trudy Rhoton. Her devotion saw them through their formative years. She had a love of family and country, a passion for education, a sense of humor, and a generous heart. Her life and legacy remains a powerful example of goodness to her posterity.

Burke Basic School continues Mary Ann Burke’s legacy in nurturing children in character values and academic excellence. It is our passion to value the individual worth and potential of each student. It is our mission to see that each child feels loved, safe, and successful every day.

Our curriculum embraces the basic educational traditions and values of the 1800s. The reading materials we use were published in the mid-to-late 1800s. These books are not only more challenging than the current classroom publications, but also are rich with morals and patriotism.

Our standards of character and academic excellence are high. We expect each child to act with honor and give the greatest effort to academic achievement. It is our strong belief that we are not only developing tomorrow’s leaders, but more importantly, tomorrow’s husbands and wives, mothers and fathers.

We fully understand that we work for parents. It is the overall responsibility of the parent to educate their children in mind and morals. We are here to assist you. Our doors are always open to suggestions, critiques, complaints, and compliments. Please feel free and welcome to visit the school.

Thank you, for choosing Burke Basic School. We fully appreciate the seriousness of helping you educate your children.

 Administrative Staff

Glen and Jenny Gaddie

Glen and Jenny Gaddie have owned and managed private and charter schools for 30 years.  They believe school should be a positive experience for children.  Each student should learn and feel success everyday.  In addition to academic success, children should be taught to have a great sense of patriotism for their country and learn the good character traits that help them to become positive influences on the community and nation in which they live. It is our commitment to have a teacher in every classroom who loves children and helps them do their very best.