Dress Code

Dress Code

Please write your child(ren)’s name on clothing and all personal belongings brought to school.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS ARE REQUIRED. School uniforms promote a positive, less distracting learning environment. School uniforms require the student to develop positive social skills rather than dependence on clothing as a statement. The dress code is designed to help encourage a wholesome learning environment, to provide safety, and to prevent any dress styles that would negatively affect students. Clothing should be clean, neat, and in good repair. It must conform to the style of school uniforms. Solid colors only. School embroidered polo shirt and sweaters are required. You may place your order at www.burkeuniforms.com (Prices may vary depending on the material of shirt the shirt that you select.) Dress code will be checked each day at morning assembly. Students out of dress code will have to call a parent to bring the correct clothing before going to class. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Polo Shirts/ Polo Tops with Burke Basic School embroidered in red, white, and navy blue is required.

  • Must have solid colors only.
  • Must be modest, loose fitting, and appropriately cover midriff and chest area.
  • Must not have any language, pictures, or images.
  • Must have sleeves with no gaping armholes.

Pants/Shorts/Skirts are required to be navy blue, khaki and solid color, Dockers’ style only.

  • Must be navy blue or khaki solid colors only.
  • Must not be baggy, saggy, or severely torn.
  • If pants are loose; a belt must be worn to hold them up.
  • Boxers or underclothing must not show.
  • Shorts are permitted as long as they are approximately mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Cargo pants and shorts are not allowed.
  • Athletic shorts such as basketball style are not allowed.
  • No denim shorts or skinny pants will be permitted. Denim of any color is not permitted.

Dresses must be navy blue or khaki solid colors only.

  • Must be modest, have sleeves, cover the chest area appropriately.
  • Must be at least mid-thigh length.
  • Jean shorts and skirts are not to be worn.
  • On physical education days, shorts are to be worn under the dress.
  • Leggings/tights must be red, white, black or navy blue (solid colors only)

Jumpers must be navy blue or khaki and must be completely free of any pictures, logos, or images.


  • Must be red, white, or navy blue.
  • Must not have any language, pictures, images, or striping on them.
  • In winter only, polo shirts must be worn underneath the sweatshirts. Please do not send students to school wearing only a sweatshirt.
  • Long-sleeve undershirts may be worn under a polo shirt; however the undershirt must be red, white or navy blue.
  • Coats are encouraged in the winter weather. Coats must also be red, white or navy blue with no language, pictures, images, or striping on them. Your child’s name must be written inside the liner or on the tag of the coat.
  • Coats are not to be worn in the classroom.


  • Tennis shoe, rubber sole, closed toe shoes are required.
  • Sandals, flip-flops or thong type shoes are not permitted.
  • Shoes with wheels in the soles are strictly prohibited from being worn to school.
  • Shoes must have a strap across the back.

Hats and Caps

  • Are not to be worn in the classroom or the building.
  • If hats or caps are worn to school, they are restricted to outside and must be worn with the bill facing forward over the face.
  • No inappropriate symbols or language is permitted on hats and caps.


  • Should be neatly groomed and clean.
  • Boys’ hair must be kept trimmed out of their eyes and off of their collar.
  • Distractive or extreme hair styles and colors (i.e. bleached, highlights, colored streaks, mohawks, long spikes, etc.) are not permitted. Fauxhawks must measure 1 inch or less. Rat tails are not permitted. No headbands with animal ears.
  • No designs or words in haircut.


  • Conservative make-up may be worn by girls only.
  • Must be applied before coming to school.
  • Make-up applied during school will be confiscated and given only to the parents.
  • Strong smelling cologne is not allowed.


  • Since jewelry is distracting in the classroom, and poses a hazard on the playground, the school discourages the wearing of jewelry. Jewelry often gets stolen or damaged.
  • Girls may wear 1 pair of small earrings in the earlobes (one in each earlobe).
  • Boys may not wear any pierced jewelry. Chains are not permitted.
  • Medical alert bracelets are permitted.
  • Burke is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen jewelry.


  • That are visible are not permitted.
  • Writing on skin is not permitted.

Electronic Devices are not to be used on campus. Cell phones, pagers, radios, CDs and CD players, IPods, MP3 players, Gameboys, Nintendo DS and PSPs. Bus students may use their devices while on the bus; however, these devices must be stowed in a secure backpack or given to the teacher upon entering campus. If you feel there is a reason your child needs these items, please contact the office.   Cell phones should be given to the teacher. Abusing  this policy will result in the confiscation of the device. Parents must come to retrieve it.

It is the principal’s responsibility to make final decisions regarding dress code issues. Parents agree to encourage their children to adhere to the school’s dress code. We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.