A Mesa Arizona High Achieving Back to Basics Charter School


Give Your Child a Private School Quality Education for Free!

Burke Basic School is a Mesa Arizona Charter School dedicated to providing a learning environment that will improve pupil achievement in the basic skills. Our commitment is to have a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student learns, grows, and experiences success every day. We take responsibility for and are accountable for the progress of each student. Most of our students move two grade levels per year in reading, spelling and math.

Administrators with over 25 years of private and charter school experience

  • Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • A proven, successful curriculum
  • Phonics-based reading and spelling
  • Traditional American History
  • A safe, disciplined environment
  • Caring, nurturing teachers
  • A tuition-free charter school
  • Full-day kindergarten


“Everyone there cares about each and every student”

“I’ve never known a school where the teachers have been so excellent. I’m grateful for Burke.”

“I like a number of things about Burke: the school focuses on the basics, the classrooms are accessible only from the inside, and the administration really cares about our children.”

“I love the academic excellence. My child learns a lot and is enthusiastic about learning”

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